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PV curtain wall design project manager

Number of recruits: 2 persons


1. Familiar with the design and construction of glass curtain walls and other products.

2. Calculate, compile and audit the technical design scheme of the structural load of the building, and draw a complete set of drawings.

3. responsible for technical docking and technical communication with design institutes and project implementation units.

4. Cooperate with market development and negotiation with customers, be responsible for the review of design drawings, and participate in technical support during construction and installation and project completion acceptance;

5. complete other tasks assigned by leaders.

Job requirements:

1. Full time bachelor degree or above, major in mechatronics, civil engineering, etc.

2. Have certain communication skills and teamwork spirit, be able to adapt to the environment and bear hardships and hardships.

3. The project plan, construction drawing, processing map, completion plan and material order can be completed independently.

4. Having more than three years of curtain wall design experience and more than two years of construction management experience, mastering various codes and regulations of curtain wall design in the construction industry, familiar with the cost control indicators of various building structures;

6 or two level construction engineer (above) or mechanical and electrical major is preferred.

Location: Bengbu and surrounding areas.

Salary standard: Negotiable.

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Photovoltaic (Electrical) Engineer

Responsibilities: mainly engaged in photovoltaic system design, photovoltaic engineering site construction technology management;

Job area: EPC project related to photovoltaic power generation.

Job requirements:

1. Education: Bachelor's degree or above, college degree with strong ability can also be considered.

2. Specialized Requirements: Physics, New Energy, Photovoltaic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electrical Automation, Power Supply and Distribution, Power System, etc.

3. Professional knowledge: photovoltaic power generation, photovoltaic support, inverter, energy storage, sunshine resources, grid-connected, low-voltage distribution;

4. Other skills: driving license, driving well, and good communication skills in English.

5, personal condition 1:28~45 years old, physical and mental health, can travel, can bear the pressure;

6. Personal condition 2: love technical work, willing and able to learn new technology, diligent and practical, strong sense of responsibility, with good professional ethics and strong sense of teamwork;

7. Work experience requirement: two years or above working experience is preferred.

8, salary: Negotiable (employees help enterprises earn money, enterprises help employees develop their careers).

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