Welcome to Anhui Tianzhu Green Energy Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

China Building Materials Standard LOGO (pictured above), the inner octagonal and outer octagon formed by two squares above the logo form a whole. It not only reflects the control, influence and driving force of the central enterprises; it also implies the concept of “eight parties and four dimensions”, which is the image of resource integration and structural adjustment; it is the industrial concept of “using resources and service construction”; It is the development trend of the company's growth and growth. The overall pattern is like a high-rise building plan, symbolizing China's building materials industry and international building materials industry platform. The "CTIEC" below is an abbreviation of China National Building Material International Engineering Group Co., Ltd. The main color of the logo is red.

Arcs and triangles form the uppercase form of the first letter (T) of the Tianzhu; the triangle symbolizes Tianzhushan, which means that the enterprise is bravely climbing the peak, constantly innovating, and the spirit of Lingyun is in the chest; the simple composition is easy to remember.

Company purpose: to improve technology and serve the society..

The company's goal: to build the company into a scientific and technological enterprise with strong comprehensive strength and international competitiveness, integrating research and development, engineering design, engineering contracting, processing and manufacturing.

Business philosophy: win-win business opportunities, competition and development

Quality Policy: Integrity Innovation TO Be The Best

Company philosophy: Enterprise and the times progress together Employees and enterprises grow together