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Qilian Mountains cement to visit Bengbu

Qilian Mountains cement to visit Bengbu

DATE:2018-09-06 VIEWS:283

September 5, Qilian Mountain Cement Group "Group Top Ten Party Building Observation and Study Group" in the Party Secretary Cai Junheng led down to China Building Materials Bengbu Glass Industrial Design Institute to visit and exchange party building work. Entrusted by Peng Shou, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Bengbu Institute, Li Zhiming, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, warmly received the delegation.

At the symposium, Li Zhiming, on behalf of Secretary Peng Shou, welcomed the visit of Qilian Mountain Cement colleagues, introduced the basic situation of Bengbu College and the development of innovative industries, and at the same time, combined with the current situation and the focus of Party building work, from the party organization setup, party building tasks, organizational life, party members'activities, party members' education and management. This paper introduces in detail the contents, standards and requirements of the "Sixty-three" standard working method and the "Five Bulls" spirit in the construction of a clean and Honest Party style and government, and exchanges with the visiting delegations on the role that the Party organizations in enterprises should play and how to play their roles in the new era and new requirements, hoping that the two sides can make more contacts and achieve cultural harmony. Business interoperability.

Cai Junheng highly approves of Bengbu College's innovative development achievements and the standardization and wisdom of Party building work. He also expresses that the achievements, experience and brand of Party building achieved by Bengbu College are very instructive and operational. The on-site exchange is equivalent to a lively party lesson. A lot of it. The experience of Bengbu College is very enlightening to our Party building work in the future. We will learn from the standard, constantly improve the level of Party building work, and provide political guarantee for the reform and development of enterprises.

After the meeting, the delegation also visited the production line of copper, indium, gallium and selenium, Kaisheng Technology Co., Ltd., the State Key Laboratory of Float Glass Technology and the ultra-thin glass production line of Kaisheng Group in Bengbu Industry. The relevant departments of Bengbu Hospital were in charge of the tour.