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Lu Hao investigates Kasen group

Lu Hao investigates Kasen group

DATE:2018-09-05 VIEWS:317

On September 3, Lu Hao, chairman of the 12th National People's Congress, led an investigation team to Bengbu to investigate the development of new glass, new materials, new energy industry and innovation work of China Building Materials Kaisheng Group. Wang Qingxi, vice chairman of the 12th National People's Congress, Lu Caixia, vice chairman of the 13th National People's Congress, Li Hanyu, vice chairman of the bills Office of the National People's Congress, and Li Xinhua, vice chairman of China Building Materials Group Co., Ltd. Wang Yingchun, Wang Cheng, Zheng Dongtao, Hu Qiwang, accompanied by Wu Daojun, Secretary-General of the Municipal Government, President of China Building Materials Co., Ltd., Chairman of Kaisheng Technology Group Co., Ltd., and President of China Building Materials Bengbu Glass Industrial Design Institute Peng Shou received and reported on the development of major emerging industries.

In the production line of copper-indium-gallium-selenium thin film solar cells, Peng Shou reported the development course of integration and innovation of world-class copper-indium-gallium-selenium thin film solar cells technology and scientific and technological achievements localized by Kaisheng Group under the strategic leadership of China Building Materials Group. Lu Hao has a detailed understanding of the project process, market prospects, intelligent equipment and so on. He highly affirms the perfect combination of color copper, indium, gallium and selenium components in the integration of photovoltaic buildings. He points out that Kaisheng Group should firmly grasp the national policy opportunities to develop new energy industry and accelerate the application and promotion of new products in related fields. Efforts should be made to promote the green transformation and development of industries.

In China Glass New Material Science and Technology Industrial Park, Lu Hao went deep into the State Key Laboratory of Float Glass New Technology and the production line of ultra-thin glass substrate for electronic information display. He had a detailed understanding of R&D, production and personnel training. The achievements of Kaisheng Group in climbing the world glass peak by using the core technology of independent intellectual property rights are highly appraised, especially for the world's thinnest 0.12mm flexible touch glass which can be curled 360 degrees. He said that the innovation of Kaisheng Group should not only rely on its own strength, but also actively draw lessons from advanced international and domestic ideas and experiences, make full use of the advantages of laboratory platform, strengthen collaborative innovation, utilize the advantages of talents and resources, continuously deepen the reform of scientific and technological management system and mechanism, stimulate the endogenous impetus of scientific research innovation, and promote science and technology. Industrialization of achievements.

Ma Liyun, executive vice president of Bengbu academy, and others.