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The leaders of the brothel came to our company to conduct a safety inspection.

The leaders of the brothel came to our company to conduct a safety inspection.

DATE:2018-01-26 VIEWS:277


On January 22nd, Xu Bin, deputy general manager of China Building Materials Glass Industrial Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. led the safety production inspection team and the roof distributed photovoltaic power plant project of Kaisheng Photovoltaic Materials Co., Ltd. to carry out a safety inspection.

Our company said that safe work is the top priority of all work, ensuring that safety is not relaxed. This inspection further enhances the safety management level and promotes the healthy development of the company's safety production.

Xu Bin pointed out during the inspection that the Spring Festival is coming, the company must firmly establish the concept of safe development, fully understand the importance and necessity of safe production, ensure the stable production situation during the holiday season, and create a safe and harmonious holiday atmosphere.

After the inspection, the inspection team will summarize the problems found in time, issue a rectification notice, and ask the relevant units to promptly urge the rectification.

Through this inspection, the safety basic management was further consolidated, the employees' ideology of safety and safety responsibility were raised, all kinds of hidden dangers were eliminated, and the safety production work during the holiday season was fully prepared to ensure the stability of the safety production situation and develop for the company. Provide favorable protection.