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Anhui Tianzhu Company carried out construction site safety inspection work

Anhui Tianzhu Company carried out construction site safety inspection work

DATE:2017-12-19 VIEWS:286


On December 8, Lu Yufa, general manager of Anhui Tianzhu Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd., led the company's safety production inspection team to the construction site of the copper-indium gallium selenide photovoltaic building integration project and the Huaguang photoelectric curtain wall project of the Bengbu Olympic Sports Center, which is intensifying construction. Conduct a safety production check. At the project site, Lu Yufa and others listened to the introduction of the safety supervision, safety construction safeguard measures and implementation of the construction personnel before the project, and the protection measures for the safety construction on site and the equipment and use of labor protection equipment for construction workers. A comprehensive and meticulous inspection was carried out, and the construction of the site safety specification was affirmed. At the same time, the deficiencies were also guided and corrected.

Lu Yufa requested that all projects must adhere to a safe and safe training system, and all construction personnel must enhance their safety awareness and overcome the ill-conceived ideas. The person in charge of the on-site project should take safety production as the top priority, carefully implement the safety supervision system, and do a good job in every aspect of safety work. Relevant management personnel must adhere to the construction line, inspect the construction site safety work, and strictly implement safety. The main responsibility of production, starting from the beginning, tightening the safety string, and ensuring the full completion of the annual work objectives and tasks.

Zhang Jing, secretary of the party branch of the company, Li Hu, deputy general manager, Lin Chenxing, chief engineer, and Zuo Yuancheng, minister of engineering and technology, accompanied the inspection.